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luscious lips

Do your lips make you look older?

Psychological studies have shown that men judge the age of woman by the appearance of her lips. It’s a throw-back to our ‘cave-man’ days, where a woman’s desirability was based on her childbearing capacity, and thus, her youth. Younger women have fuller, more curved, dewy lips. So if you have thin, flat, dry and poorly defined lips, you are more likely to be judged as being ‘old’ and less attractive.

Why do my lips disappear as I get older?

There are 4 possible reasons your lips look less kissable as you age:

    1. As you age, your facial bone becomes less dense, this means that your skull appears to shrink. In addition there is less support to the overlying skin, muscles and tissue. So your lips and cheeks appear to sag and recede.
    2. The fat surrounding your bone structure plumps out the surface of your skin. This Subcutaneous fat also thins with age, and as it does, your underlying bone structure become exposed. This is why older faces appear sunken and wasted.
    3. As the muscles surrounding your lips (orbicularis muscles) age they weaken, offering less support to your lips, and vertical lines (“barcode lines”) form around your mouth and your upper lip lengthens.
    4. There is less normally occurring Hyaluronic acid in older skin. This affects the volume and hydration of your lips which in turn leads to the thinning and drooping of your lips as well as the formation of marionette lines (those deep lines either side of your mouth).

 hyaluronic acid chart

Figure 1: ‘Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring type of sugar that exists in all organisms. It has binding, lubricating and hydrating properties that helps maintain volume and elasticity in the skin.’


What can I do to have youthful, beautiful lips?

You can’t do much to correct the loss of facial bone density, but you can make significant improvements to the appearance of your lips and mouth by replacing the lost volume,  by increasing the hydration of your lips and mouth area and by improving the definition of your lips.

Dermal fillers contain hyaluronic acid (HA) in a gel base.  When Dermal Filler is injected the gel base adds volume and creates definition, and the hyaluronic acid encourages your lips and skin to hold more water, restoring that dewy appearance that is associated with youth.

In addition to restoring your lips to their younger plumpness, Dermal Filler can be used to fill those deeply ingrained wrinkles and lines around your mouth. This effectively reshapes your mouth, giving you that fresh curvy smile you have always wanted.

lips before and after 

What Dermal Filler should I use to improve my smile?

When choosing a Lip Volumising or Rejuvenation Treatment using Dermal Filler, you need to consider both the product and the practitioner.

 Lip Dermal filler is eventually broken down and absorbed by your body. You need to be aware that the different brands of Lip Fillers have different guidelines as to how long they last.

You also need to ensure that your Doctor is experienced and well trained. Word of mouth (no pun intended) is a good way to start. Bad news travels fast and far, so don’t go for the cheapest treatment in the hopes that you will be ‘the one case’ that turns out alright.

The AAMSSA (Aesthetic and Anti-aging Society of South Africa) has a list of accredited Aesthetic Doctors on their website ( ), as does the Allergan Juvéderm website ( .


Figure 2 “A recent study showed that 98% of those who had Juvederm® VOLBELLA™ reported that their lip appearance goals have been achieved, with results lasting up to a year.” Allergan

What happens when I have a Lip Volumising/ Rejuvenation treatment?

Once a full medical history has been taken, your Doctor will assess if you are a good candidate for the treatment. She will go through the contra-indications and any special considerations regarding the treatment with you, so that you know what, exactly to expect. She will also discuss the look you are hoping to achieve, so that you can decide what result will best suit you. The Dermal Filler is injected (by your Doctor) into and around your lips. Your lips can be very sensitive so we use Volbella™ which has lidocaine (numbing agent) already mixed into the product. The first prick can be uncomfortable, but thereafter you should be fine. If you have a low pain threshold, you can mention this to your Doctor and they can use more local anaesthetic to deaden the area. Your lips may initially appear slightly swollen or bruised, but this will disappear 48 hours after your treatment. Your lips may also feel tender for the next 24 hours, so don’t plan a rib-fest or speaking engagement straight after your treatment.


How long will my Lip treatment last?

We have found that a Volbella™ treatment usually lasts most people a year. If you have a fast metabolism or exercise a lot your Dermal Filler will be broken down and absorbed quicker, so your treatment may not last as long. (As with all injectable aesthetic treatments, your results are individual to you, and these are only guidelines based on clinical norms.)

Will my lips look pouty or overdone?

At your initial consultation, your Doctor will discuss what your expectations are, and you will have an opportunity to decide how much volume you would like to add. Our Doctors take pride in their reputation for producing natural, subtle results time and time again. Once the initial swelling has gone down, your lips should look youthful and fresh without the over-exaggeration made famous by celebrities in the press or on the internet.

define your lips 

In conclusion: Love your Lips!

Do your lips make you look older? They don’t have to. Soft, full, kissable lips are just a treatment away.  Even if increasing the volume in your lips is not your concern, you can have the beautiful, curved, defined lips that you have always wanted. Lip Dermal Filler is a safe, comfortable treatment that can give you naturally beautiful lips quickly. Your gorgeous smile can last for as long as a year (sometimes even longer, depending on how your body absorbs the product). What’s not to love?


*Results may vary per individual on all treatments and products. **The testimonials given are those of the clients and pertain to the results that they obtained and that each individual's results and opinions will still vary. ***The information on this website and specific page is not meant to diagnose any condition or provide conclusive treatment options for a given condition. The final decision on such treatments can only be made after a full history is obtained in person and a physical examination is done as part of a consultation in person. The information contained in this communication is confidential and may be legally privileged.
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