Why the Long Face?

The low down on sagging skin

You’re ageing each and every day, even now as you’re reading this, the structure of your skin is deteriorating due to sun exposure, poor diet, your genes (thanks Gran!) and collagen breakdown resulting in a very saggy look. Ageing is just one of those things we can’t escape and it will eventually get to a point in each person’s life where he or she will look in the mirror and seriously consider drastic measures… I’m talking face lifts here people… Don’t deny it. You’re looking in the mirror, tugging at your droopy jowls and turning your head into more flattering angles you think to yourself, “if only this was gone I’d be so much happier”.  Reality TV has made this desire seem so much more attainable as well as the quickest and only true solution to achieve that younger, fresher look. A snip here, a cut there, a couple of stitches later, a deluxe suite at a safari recovery lodge and taadaa!

What if I told you there was an alternative? Not a TV infomercial promise at a discount price but a tried and tested treatment that you can help you achieve that fuller, plumper, less saggy, more radiant look in one visit? I am talking facelift… liquid facelift to be exact.

Liquid Facelifts

Liquid facelifts are all the craze at the moment and it’s easy to see why. This mini procedure uses dermal fillers as well as Anti-wrinkle injections to smooth out wrinkles and add volume in a subtle way that doesn’t require surgery. Our preferred brand of fillers have been made using advanced technology promising highly natural-looking and long-lasting results. This scientifically formulated ultra-smooth gel allows for easy injecting into the skin, leaving you with a skin that feels beyond plump and, for lack of a better word, yum.

Combining facial fillers together with Anti-wrinkle injections allows your aesthetic physician to target not only sagging, volume-less skin but also stubborn fine lines and wrinkles.


There are two major components of facial ageing: the first being Dynamic lines (which are due to active frowning/facial movement) and Static Lines from Sagging Skin (which is due to volume loss). By addressing these two systems our doctors can help you to achieve that desired “facelift look” with absolutely no downtime.

Dermal fillers can last up to 24 months depending on the treatment and product used, and anti-wrinkle injections for at 4-6 months. Another plus when considering the “lift”.

Aggressive facial surgery is not something that can be repeated over and over and, to be frank, we want others to wonder how we are looking so amazing and not have scars giving our big secret away.

A huge contributing factor to ageing skin is the loss of hyaluronic acid which naturally absorbs moisture into the skin. The dermal fillers we use is hyaluronic acid (HA) based and helps to restore the lost HA caused by ageing. The gel is injected under the skin by your doctor using the finest of needles. The gel fills lines and wrinkles and adds subtle yet noticeable volume. The hyaluronic acid within the gel retains moisture therefore replacing lost moisture. The dermal filler brand we uses also contains Lignocaine, an anaesthetic, allowing the entire experience to be that much more tolerable and totally worth your while.

You may still be wondering “why shouldn’t I just go for the facelift and get the results I’m looking for? How much can a couple of injections really change my look and make me look and feel 10 years younger?” Well, apart from targeting the obvious fine lines here and there, dermal fillers are also able to assist in subtly reshaping your cheekbone look; restore facial volume; smooth out your jaw line and lift sagging jowls; recreate more youthful curves in your face; replenish the moisture in your skin to regain its natural elasticity and gives you a gentle lifting effect without surgery. With Anti-wrinkle injections working more specifically on actual wrinkles the doctor will be able to improve signs of ageing, specifically targeting crow’s feet; frown lines; drooping brow lines and even fine lines around the mouth.


The promise that you are able to achieve a natural look from anti-wrinkle injections and dermal fillers is often broken and I think that is where doubt of its ability comes in. The infamous “trout pout” and “pillow face” that is seen in celebrity magazines do liquid facelifts a total disservice, because when it comes to achieving a youthful face, less is definitely more! It is extremely important to do your homework when choosing a doctor to perform this type of anti-ageing treatment. Using a high-quality product together with a highly skilled doctor is always a winning combination!

So, the long and short of the issue is that there is something that can be done for you. And it does not involve costly, potentially hazardous surgery. A subtle, natural, more youthful you is just an injection away.


Written by Kim Magennis

© The Aesthetics Centre March 2015



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