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Sun, Family, Friends, Holiday, Braai and most important SWIM WEAR! These are some of our favourite words as South Africans as we move closer to December and our summer holidays. Along with your swim wear you probably have towels, flops and your shades to finish off your beach or poolside look. We, on the other hand, have 3 very important ‘FRIENDS’. After you get to know them, you won’t be able to go without their company either. They are called Heliocare Capsules, Topical Sunblock and Emthunzini Sun Hats. So, here’s why…

Heliocare Capsules

This is something very few people know about, yet is fundamental if you want to avoid missing out on soaking up as much Vitamin D as you can. Heliocare Capsules are targeted anti-oxidant tablets focused on strengthening your body’s internal mechanisms that fight against damage caused by the sun. These tablets boosts your internal UV protection to help make you more resistant to damage caused by UV rays, whether it be malignant or photo-ageing. They do this by improving the strength of your Langerhans cells (cells that belonging to the skin’s immune system) as well as neutralizing damage causing free radicals.

By definition, Langerhans Cells are antigen-presenting immune cells present in all layers of your epidermis except your stratum corneum.

Heliocare capsules are not your only solution to sun protection, however, they are a great addition and last up to 4 hours. They can be used from the age of 4 years and up. Their effect can’t be washed or rubbed off like topical sun screens. Heliocare Capsules are a great enhancer for your summer sun care range.


Topical Sunblock

The most important thing you can pack for yourself is your sunblock. A factor 100 is great but the protection difference between a SPF50 and SPF100 is minimal. Rather spend the difference on a quality sunblock and buy a factor 50. A quality sun block will mean the difference between the sunblock absorbing the rays and trying to neutralize as much as it possibly can or deflecting the rays (much like a mirror). The latter is called a broad spectrum sunblock and will contain ingredients called titanium dioxide and/or zinc oxide.

Another key ingredient in a quality sunblock is an antioxidant. Anti-oxidants scavenge for free radicals that cause photo-damage. Anti-oxidants are also anti-inflammatory thus decreasing the risk and degree of a sunburn.

Irrespective of the factor you purchase you still need to apply it half an hour before you are exposed to the sun and every two hours thereafter. You will also need to re-apply your sunblock after swimming.

We supply a range of quality sun blocks that can be used on the face and body. Our range also caters for dry/dehydrated or acne/oily prone skin. Look out for the following quality sun blocks when you make your next purchase:

Skin Tech Melablock, Skin Ceuticals, Dermaquest, Neostrata and Heliocare


Emthunzini Sun Hats

These hats carry a different factor description than your normal topical sunblock. The sun protection factor in this hat range is called UPF (ultraviolet protection factor). It is assigned to clothing when it is designed to provide sun protection. The highest rating that can be assigned is UPF50+. Its good then that this is the rating level the hats have.

These hats are rigorously tested and exposed to worst case scenario situations, all to give you the best protection you can get. They also carry the Seal of Recognition from the CANSA association. Thus, validating even more how important it is for you, your friends and family to carry one (or more) of these around this coming summer.

This outstanding product will provide you with protection against UV rays and come in a variety of colours and styles. You can have a look at these styles on their website:

upf50-logo_large emthunzini-logo-post cansa-approved

slideshow_2 slideshow_4 slideshow_5

So, now that you have met our amazing ‘friends’ you understand why we are so fond of them. They do what true friends do and that is to take care of YOU. Don’t forget to add The Aesthetics Centre to your list of shops to stop at while you get yourself holiday ready. Your friends are waiting!



Written by Danike Bouwer

Edited Dr Jenni Irvine

©The Aesthetics Centre November 2016


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