Rebuilding Your Summer Body Ed. 1

Slender Wonder Weight Loss Program

There is not a single person I have spoken to this year who does not feel that their clothes have gotten a bit tighter over the holiday season. They don’t regret pigging out over the 2016 festive season (to be honest, neither do I), but now it’s back to reality and tight pants. That brings me to our topic: Rebuilding Your Summer Body. I will be breaking this up for you in 3 segments over the next 3 months: Dieting, Invasive Medical Treatments and Non-Invasive Medical Treatments. With each discussion, there will be some details on the treatment, fun facts, tips and advice. Let’s begin!

Ok, I know I am starting with a very depressing topic for all (DIETING), however, you too will find that you need a lifestyle change after the eating craze we all welcome with open arms each December. Slender Wonder is just that. As much as the dieting phase is what it is (a diet), after completing the Slender Wonder Weight Loss Program, our clients find that their life style changed for the better. Most post-Slender Wonder clients stick to limiting junk food, carbs and sugar. This in turn helps prevent weight gain, improves their health and ultimately increases their energy for life.

What is it? Slender Wonder is a medical weight loss program. This means that you can only join the program through a medical doctor. The diet has also been clinically tested and has had many success stories (as can be seen by some TV programs on KykNet). It is suitable for those who want to lose 5kgs – 20kgs+ and who are committed to loosing.


How does it work? Slender Wonder consists of various of phases. Each phase was structured to give you optimal results. The phases are:

Phase 1: Stimulation Phase Here we allow you to binge for a period of 2 days. We highly recommend that you eat foods that you feel you might crave during the program especially fatty foods.
Phase 2: Detox Phase With the help of the KL Cleanze and Wonder Cleanze, the aim of this phase is to help your body get rid of toxins that might hinder you from achieving your weight loss goal. This Phase lasts 3 days.
Phase 3: Weight Loss Phase Here you follow your weight loss regimen for as long as you need (usually until you achieve your goal). It consists of two stages: 6 weeks of daily injections that you administer yourself with a 2 week Go Moderate break in between each 6 weeks. The Go Moderate plan replaces your daily injections with a daily Prime Lipoic Acid tablet.
Phase 4: Stabilisation Phase This plan is followed for 4 weeks after your diet. It helps to prevent weight gain by slowly introducing more foods and larger quantities.
Phase 5: Maintenance Phase The maintenance phase is very important as it helps you stay on the ‘healthy eating and living’ track. Products are optional and to your liking. You can even opt in for a Maintenance injection every 3 months.


For more information on Slender Wonder and the supplements you can go read our ‘Dreaded Spread’ Blog.

What are the benefits? Apart from weight loss, our Slender Wonder clients have experienced and improvement in:

  • Confidence
  • Blood sugar levels control
  • Cholesterol levels
  • Energy levels
  • Occurrences of headaches/migraines (for some clients they go away completely)
  • General health


What you need to know about Slender Wonder:

  • 1 Cheat sets you back 2 Days
  • If you don’t follow the diet strictly, you can’t expect good results
  • People suffering from diabetes can go on this diet

Here are some FAQ’s on Slender Wonder.

Staying healthy is no longer a drag. With all the healthy food options you have these days, dieting can be delicious. Ultimately it all comes down to you living a healthier and energized life. Eliminating the lethargic properties of a stressed and junk food filled lifestyle is just one call away.



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Written By Danike Bouwer

Edited by Dr Jenni Irvine

© The Aesthetics Centre January 2017


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