But Will I Bruise?

In the aesthetics industry, many questions arise when it comes to injectable treatments. One of the most frequent questions we are asked by our clients is “Will I Bruise?”. The answer to this common question is ‘you may’. Even though our doctors have a very low bruising rate, the chance of bruising often makes clients hesitate to do the treatment. That is why we chose to do an educational blog on the matter to help clarify a few things.

Why would you bruise with these types of treatments?

Your face is criss-crossed with arteries and veins. If you look at the vascular anatomy of your face, you will see how densely compacted the vessels are. The vascular free area for the doctor to inject into is millimetres and added to that, the doctor injects ‘blindly’. The doctors can’t see the vascular layout of your face so they inject using their knowledge of the anatomy.

Important things to know when it comes to bruising:

  1. Even the most skilled injector has bruised some of her/his clients and will most likely bruise some clients in the future.
  2. Treatments that require multiple injections, have a higher risk of bruising, whether it be a small pin point bruise or a larger area.
  3. You can bruise after an injection, from any doctor, even if you have never bruised before.
  4. Blood thinning medications increase your chances of bruising. These include Omega 3, Vit C and E, garlic, Alcohol and anti-inflammatories.
  5. If you bruise, there are various ways of managing it. Immediate pressure for 2 minutes can stop the bleed immediately and is the best initial treatment. Topical application of arnica gel or something similar can resolve the bruise quicker. Bruises can also be covered with a good make-up.


Larger/patch bruising

Small pin point bruising.

Bruising is a risk when it comes to injectable aesthetic treatments. A skilled doctor will probably have a very low incidence of bruising but will still have caused unwanted bruises. Just remember that no matter what treatment you decide to do, you should always seek a qualified and reputable professional that will treat you gently and give you the best treatment, service and results possible.


Don’t let a little bruising keep you from looking and feeling fabulous.


Written by Danike Bouwer

Edited by Dr Jenni Irvine

©The Aesthetics Centre October 2017


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