Green Peel® by Dr Schrammek

The Green Peel® was formulated by the German aesthetician, Christine Schrammek in 1958 and remains unchanged to this day. In a world that is fast paced and focussed on ‘newer and better’, you might ask why this medical skin peel developer has decided that the only thing that needed upgrading was the packaging. This is because the Green Peel® is much like the ‘Always Principle’ in mathematics, it has proven to be true to its abilities from day one.

This innovative ‘antique’ has blown away the Aesthetic market in South Africa. Let’s explore why this should be your next booking at your Aesthetic Clinic…

What is the hype about?

There are so many benefits with this treatment and not enough time or page space to explain them all, but let’s look at some of the most important reasons people love this treatment. Firstly, this peel is unlike any other. Think of all the Coca-Cola ‘imitations’ and how none of them can do what Coca-Cola has done. The original Green Peel® is the same. The combination of 8 herbs work to stimulate skin renewal and reveal new skin in 5 days. Other peels can take up to 14 days to achieve this.

Secondly, it’s a herbal formulation, where the herbs sit in different layers of the epidermis for the 5 days of skin renewal. This allows improved stimulation of collagen and elastin and in cases of scar treatment, improved tissue regeneration.

Thirdly, you can choose your level of treatment. There are 3 levels of this treatment that can be done. Your aesthetician will recommend one depending on your concern and the degree thereof (discussed in more detail below).

Lastly, you can treat almost any skin concern with this treatment. Acne, pigmentation, ageing concerns, photo-damage, scarring, sensitivity and so much more. Sounds intriguing, doesn’t it?


Different Levels

The three different levels were developed to treat your concern depending on the depth it is at. This is where it is so important to have a facial analysis like the Visia done. This will allow your Aesthetician to determine how deep your underlying concern goes. The levels of Green Peel® are:

  1. Fresh Up: This is referred to as the ‘Booster’ or ‘Event’ Treatment. It gently stimulates circulation and cell turnover without causing any down time. It is a great treatment if you feel your skin needs to be revitalised or if you want that lovely glow before an event.
  2. Energy: This is the Fresh Up and some more. It targets more serious concerns like pigmentation, wrinkles, acne, pores, scars, photo-damage and more. You may experience little to no flaking in the first two days depending on how sensitive and compromised your skin is.
  3. Classic: This is the Big Daddy of all 3 steps. It targets the severe cases of concerns that was mentioned in Energy. The treatment takes a bit longer as the herbs are massaged into the skin for a longer time and you will have excessive peeling or flaking for 3 to 5 days.

Within each of these steps there is an allocated amount of time that the peel can be massage into the skin. You will also be started on a Fresh Up and moved up gradually (if needed).


Important Need to Knows

  • You will need to purchase a home care kit to use for 7 days following each peel. This Kit should last you for your course of 4 peels. You can also buy the post care in retail sizes if your aesthetician recommends it as a daily use to treat your concerns. This post care is very important as it supports your skin during this healing process without irritating it.
  • You can have an allergic reaction to this treatment. It is VITAL for you to discuss any medical conditions or allergies with your aesthetician before booking your course of treatments.
  • No Aesthetician should ever treat over your lymph nodes or a size larger than your two hands put together as this can have health implications. Ensure that you look for a qualified and reputable clinic and Aestheticians.


The experience

During this treatment it will feel like someone is rubbing your skin with sand paper and for a few days post-treatment your skin will also feel like ‘pins and needles’ to the touch. All this discomfort (which is completely bearable I’d like to add) is due to the herbs being pushed into the different layers of the skin for that improved stimulation we were talking about earlier. Sounds unpleasant I know, but it is COMPLETELY WORTH IT.

All in all, it is much like any strong peel you would have done, the renewal process is irritating, but WOW, your skin looks rejuvenated. In my personal experience, I loved my skin after this treatment. My texture, fine lines and glow was much better. I walked around feeling like a million bucks**.


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Written by Danike Bouwer

Edited by Dr Jenni Irvine

©The Aesthetics Centre November 2017


*Results may vary per individual on all treatments and products. **The testimonials given are those of the clients and pertain to the results that they obtained and that each individual's results and opinions will still vary. ***The information on this website and specific page is not meant to diagnose any condition or provide conclusive treatment options for a given condition. The final decision on such treatments can only be made after a full history is obtained in person and a physical examination is done as part of a consultation in person. The information contained in this communication is confidential and may be legally privileged.
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