8 Herbs in a Pot – The tale of the Green Peel®

One of our most profound additions for 2017 was the Dr Schrammek Green Peel®. It was well received by our clients at the Aesthetics Centre and still is, as it is in other clinics in the country. But what makes this peel so exceptional? For us to understand that, we need to look at the contents of that wonderous pot.

Now before we get serious, don’t smell the pot next time visit your local aesthetics clinic. It would be like sticking your head in the spice cupboard. You might just have a mini sneeze attack. You were warned! The reason for this is because the peel is composed of visible and micro herb particles. Eight to be exact. These herbs work together to help give you that renewed, refreshed and luminous looking skin.

What are these herbs and what do they do?

Pansy is a flower and contains exfoliating and bacteria killing properties treating skin conditions like eczema and acne. This is added to treat acne conditions in patients but also help prevent acne breakouts during the 5-day renewal process.


Horse tail contains a silicone mineral that is essential for ligament flexibility in the body. It also helps the skin to maintain its strength and glow. This is added to help restore the skin’s connective tissue, improve collagen and elastin quality and to treat fine lines and wrinkles.

Ribwort stems from a weed and has great anti-bacterial and cell regulating properties. This ingredient was chosen to stimulate the day to day regulatory activities of you skin cells during the 5 days it is exposed and compromised. It also helps to prevent any damaging bacteria from wreaking havoc on your skin.

Marigold is a golden-yellow flower and yields wonderful anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties. This helps your skin to fight against free radicals that cause age related damage. It also has good wound healing properties and improves your skin’s cell division. This makes it an essential part of the peel compound to help achieve that 5-day skin turnaround.

Aloe Vera is well known for its calming and soothing properties. Apart from that it also moisturises the skin and boosts the skin’s water retention capabilities to help prevent water loss at a cellular level. An essential add for that post-peel down time.

Lungwort is a plant with delicate little flowers. This ingredient has exfoliating and astringent properties (similar to a topical Retinol). It was added to help increase exfoliation, improve texture and pores and treat signs of ageing.

German camomile is a wonderful calming and moisturising herb with astringent properties. This makes it ideal to clear out and improve the appearance of pores. Another brilliant add for this herbal mixture.

Spirulina is the energizer bunny of the herbs. It increases the metabolism of your skin cells. This in turn improves: cell turnover, the removal of toxins in the skin, healing of your compromised skin and helps keep it free from bacteria. The skin can quickly become compromised during any peeling process, but this energizes the cells to help strengthen their protection capabilities. It’s pretty clear why this was added to the pot.

It seems like some of these ingredients have active properties in common. The reason behind this is, that it does not make sense to add an ingredient that only does one thing, if you can add something that can perform multiple desired functions. Thus, this is quite the comprehensive treatment. Please just note that you won’t be able to do this treatment if you have an allergy or sensitivity to any of the above ingredients.

Now that you know and understand what and exciting treatment this is, you can contact us on 011 425 0508/0019 | info@theaestheticscentre.co.za to book your very own assessment and treatment.

See YOU Soon!



Written by Danike Bouwer

Edited by Dr Jenni Irvine

©The Aesthetics Centre December 2017


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