Sun: Friend or Foe?

The holidays are over and It’s back to rushed daily routines and responsibilities for the most of us. We run around in the mornings to get ready and understandably forget some of the most important steps to skincare. However, there is one step I’d suggest you never leave out.

The Sun’s UV rays can wreak havoc to our skin. Accelerated ageing, pigmentation and the development of skin cancers are just a few of the things from which we need to protect ourselves. It can happen in prolonged or even in the smallest exposure times. While you are driving your car, sporting events, school pick up, after work run etc. Every bit of sun exposure adds to the whole.

You can probably recite the most important sun protection tips in your sleep, but what more do we all need to know to protect ourselves?

The Answer (Yay!)

  • Most people don’t apply and reapply sunblock during the day. This needs to change. Your sun block needs to be the most important product in your skin care regimen. If you can brush your teeth or make another cup of coffee, you can apply a quick layer of sun block 😉. I find keeping a tube in my car makes reapplication before driving much easier.
  • Look for a moisturizer that includes a high SPF for your face (two birds, one stone).
  • If you are going to spend a lot of time in the water, make sure you reapply as soon as you get out. Also apply thoroughly. Who here has missed a spot or two that ends up with a sun burn? I know I have.
  • Don’t forget your arms and chest as we see a lot of beautiful faces come in for treatment on these areas. You will be amazed how much sun damage accumulates on these areas while driving.
  • Great additions to your sun protection regimen are UPF hats, oral sun block capsules and sunglasses. The Aesthetics Centre has a wide range of UPF Sun hats for you and the kiddo’s (too adorable BTW). 

There are a wide range of sun blocks available on the market. Some of these also include anti-aging and moisturizing properties. Our favorite multi-purpose moisturizer is the DermaQuest Solar Protection. It improves moisture retention, contains anti-ageing actives and provides sun protection with its SPF factor.

Fun Tip: Use a cleanser with AHA’s or PHA’s in to assist in resurfacing existing sun damage. It is important to note that AHA’s work well for strong and tough skin and PHA’s for dry and sensitive skin. AHA’s can aggravate dry and sensitive skin. Once the barrier of your skin is strengthened, you can move up to an AHA.

It all boils down to you investing in your future self. Don’t let todays lack of action cause harm in the future. You are precious and should never take that for granted.

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© The Aesthetics Centre January 2019

Written by Amber Mansfield


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