SkinBooster is a stabilised injectable hyaluronic acid that is especially designed to deliver deep skin hydration. This means increased and improved hydration in the skin at levels that your home care cannot attain. It helps to improve the skins quality, making it stronger and less susceptible to showing the signs of ageing.

Hyaluronic Acid
is a naturally occurring acid that is moisture binding, but it depletes as you get older and this can cause dry and lax skin.

How does it work?


We will apply a numbing gel an hour before the treatment to make the treatment more comfortable. Our clients are also be required to read and sign our consent form.

During the treatment

The doctor will take off the numbing gel and clean the face. She then injects a stabilised Hyaluronic Acid (HA) gel into the skin with a pen that has multiple needles at the tip. These micro injections allow the HA to penetrate deep within the skin for maximum benefit and result. The HA replenishes the skin and the micro-punctures from the needles stimulates the renewal and production of collagen and elastin. Some pin point bleeding occurs during the treatment and the doctor then massages it into your skin. This is because that blood contains valuable stem cells, nutrients and growth factors that will help to improve your results.


The doctor will wash off the excess blood and apply a healing balm and sun block. Slight redness, a bit of swelling and minor bruising can happen. This should subside after a few days. We can give our clients a clean cold pack just to bring the swelling down should they have any. Avoid excessive sun and extreme cold exposure to the treatment area for a couple days following the treatment.

SkinBooster are suitable for:

 Men and women of all skin types
 Younger and more mature skin
 For treatment of the face, neck, hands and décolletage
 People who want to improve skin structure concerns, like acne scarring, photo-damage, fine lines and wrinkles, dehydration


• If possible our clients need to stop all blood thinning medications and supplements 3 days before the treatment as it can increase the risk of bruising.
• Those suffer from cold sores need to go on oral medication before having the treatment done to reduce the risk of developing a flare-up. This is not applicable if we treat an area that is not prone.


• Allergies for hyaluronic acid or lignocaine (numbing agent)
• Pregnancy or breast-feeding
• Immuno-diseases
• Sun bed sessions, waxing, electrolysis and laser treatments 48 hours before the treatment
• Alchohol intake 24 hours before the treatment as it can also increase the risk for bruising


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*Results may vary per individual on all treatments and products. **The testimonials given are those of the clients and pertain to the results that they obtained and that each individual's results and opinions will still vary. ***The information on this website and specific page is not meant to diagnose any condition or provide conclusive treatment options for a given condition. The final decision on such treatments can only be made after a full history is obtained in person and a physical examination is done as part of a consultation in person. The information contained in this communication is confidential and may be legally privileged.
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