Thu 15/09/2016

For what seems to be forever I battled with low iron (since 2014 until June 2016). This caused me to experience extreme tiredness, heart palpitations, pica for the weirdest things, shortness of breath (not even with exertion but just randomly), restless legs,  and extreme itchiness. Both the last two symptoms was worse at night which caused me to get minimum sleep. This caused me to nearly fall asleep behind the wheel numerous times.
My own GP treated with oral iron supplements and for everything from dry skin to allergies. When they wanted to start treating me for anxiety (due to sudden shortness of breath) and depression I decided to seek help elsewhere. At this stage I thought I was losing my mind and and maybe it is my imagination as nothing helps.
My daughter made an appointment with dr Jenni Irvine.
She immediately did full bloodworks.
Resulting from this doctor Jenni referred me to a haematologist.
Haematologist suggested that dr Jenni do intravenous iron infusions but also check all other blood loss possibilties as tests showed severe iron defficiency anaemia.
Dr Jenni started with IV iron infusions in her rooms three times a week.
From the third infusion my energy levels picked up, restless leg syndrome disappeared, pica disappeared, no palpitations or shortness of breath.
Even the itchiness improved from all over my body to just my arms.
After the 5th transfusion all symptoms where gone and follow up blood works where normal.
Dr Jenni in the meanwhile also made sure to track down the reason for my bloodloss and sorted that out.
She also followed up regularly to find out if I am still doing well.
From a very unhappy person that felt like a crazy person imagining obscure  symptoms I am back to my normal happy energetic self.
All this because my Dr (yes this is now my Dr) listened well and treated “the complete package” as presented to her.
Thank you Dr Jenni for changing my life.**

Sonja S.


Fri 24/06/2016

Dear Jenni and Team

I would like to say a huge thank you for the wonderful spoil of getting to try out and see the wonderful results of the BTL treatment.

A special Thank you to Holly who took such great care of me.

I know I will be able to model swimwear with confidence next week due to the treatments I received.**

Simone Schroeter – Mrs South Africa Finalist 2016

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