Sun 05/06/2016

I have been troubled with hormonal and very problematic skin since a teen. Now almost reaching 30 and having lived and worked all over the world, I can vouch and say I have pretty much tried every treatment out there. I’ve been to some of the best named clinics in London, Dubai, LA and Melbourne and I am very happy to have found Holly at The Aesthetic Centre and have The Aesthetic Clinic now as my new ‘local’.

I came to Holly Harvey at the Aesthetic Centre as I am new to the area (and country to that matter) and have been trying out aesthetic/medi-centres in Joburg, to find a skilled aesthetician to treat my skin on a regular basis.

The Aesthetic Clinic staff are so welcoming and the girls really know their stuff! I felt comfortable and in safe hands from the first time I walked in.

Not only have I received amazing treatments from Holly (peels and dermapen) I have also had great advice on skin care.

I can honestly say I feel better in my own skin since coming to The Aesthetic Centre and the results are starting to show!**

Holly S.


Fri 06/05/2016

I have always had issues with my tummy, after 2 C-sections and at the age of 48 I gave up on ever feeling or looking beautiful again.  That was until I walked through the doors of The Aesthetic Centre and had a consultation with the very efficient and lovely Dr Jenni.  She explained the process from start to end in detail and had me fascinated and in complete awe with the interesting  information regarding the procedure. I felt comfortable as we were women together, that knew how women feel about their bodies and how quickly self-conscious sinks in. From the reception, to theatre, to the check-up visits afterwards, I felt important and cared for.  The professional manner in which each person is treated makes one feel extra special.  This experience changed my life and for the first time in many years I loved my body again thanks to Dr Jenni and staff at The Aesthetic Centre. The results are absolutely amazing and I feel a million bucks and overjoyed!**

Jolanda B.


Mon 22/02/2016

My laser hair removal treatment at The Aesthetics Centre was most successful. After a few sessions I had excellent results. This was especially  remarkable as previous treatments at several other establishments were most disappointing.

The therapist was informative and professional. She was very kind and immediately put me at ease. I did not suffer much discomfort from the treatment and there were no side effects.

I highly recommend this treatment to anyone who is suffering from unsightly hair.**

Mrs X.


Mon 08/02/2016

It’s been a couple of years now that I have had the privilege to be treated and spoilt by one of the most experienced and hands on clinics up to date.

Having had severe scarring due to surgeries gone wrong I ended up in the very capable hands of  Dr Jenni Irvine asking for help!

Not only has she treated me ever since, from Peels to Fillers and Lasers but she has honestly transformed me into a confident human being which I never thought would ever be possible again.

She has an absolute passion for what she does, is always up to date with the latest in skincare technology and is forever bettering herself in the field of skincare and knowledge.

For myself I do enjoy the occasional salon treats but what is much more important is to see an actual difference in the treatments I spend my money and time on and I have found it in this clinic.

Not only do you have brilliant dr’s whom you can trust explicitly but from walking into the reception all the way through to treatments with various therapists do you feel you are in the hands of very well educated therapists and staff.

Yours Sincerely**

Melissa B.

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