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With age our skin loses the battle against ageing at an increasing rate. The sagging starts to set in, making us look worn, tired and aged. This is as a result of:

  • Collagen and elastin degradation
  • Loss of Hyaluronic Acid in the skin, and
  • Environmental damage breaking down the matrix of our skin

Thus, we have introduced Silhouette Soft® to our clinic to help combat this degradation of the skin.

What Is Silhouette Soft®?

Silhouette Soft® or threads, are sutures with cones attached to them. These sutures and cones are absorbable and safe to use. The suture is made up of Polylactic Acid (PLA). When inserted in the subcutaneous tissue, it causes an inflammatory reaction which stimulates fibroblast activity to help increase Collagen and Elastin production. The cones are made up of L-Lactic Acid and glycolic copolymer. They anchor the threads in the soft tissue and enable them to maintain the desired lift. The body starts to form fibrous tissue along the path of the thread and cones to help maintain longevity of the lift after the Threads have dissolved. This takes place over a period of time.

double action

The Double Action of Silhouette Soft® from their website


How does it work?


A consult with one of our doctors is mandatory. During this consultation our Doctor will assess the skin, discuss expectations and decide if the patient is a suitable candidate for Threads. They will explain the procedure to, its desired results and potential side effects. They will answer all the patients question and provide pre and post care instructions. The procedure date will then be booked with the doctor. It is recommended that you stop the use of blood thinning medication and supplements 3 days before your treatment as they can increase your chances of bruising. The patients are also required to read and sign a consent form before the treatment.

During Procedure

Before starting the procedure, the Doctor will measure and mark the entry points and vectors along which the threads need to pull. The procedure is done under strict sterile conditions. The doctor cleanses the skin in the area(s) he/she will be working on. He/she then injects a numbing agent at the entry and exit points to minimise discomfort. A fine micro needle is then “threaded” in the subcutaneous tissue. Once the entire thread is inserted the doctor pulls the cones into the desired position to help redefine and contoured the treated area.


The doctor gives the patient a cold pack to apply to the treated areas straight after the treatment. This should be kept on the area for 5-10 minutes and helps minimise the swelling. The patient feels tight in the treated area for the next couple of days and should avoid excessive facial expressions. Bruising, redness and swelling at the entry and exit points of the Threads can occur post treatment. This will subside within a few days. Patients can use pain tablets if necessary. It is also recommended that the patient:

  • Keeps their head elevated for the first 3 nights and sleep face up for the first 5 nights
  • Avoids rubbing the face and be gentle when washing/drying the face, applying make-up, shaving and washing your hair
  • For 2 weeks avoid excessive sun exposure and tanning beds
  • For 3 weeks avoid facials, aesthetic facial treatments, sports, saunas/hammams, dental surgery/work, excessive facial movement.


Is Silhouette Soft® for Me?

This treatment is recommended for men and women over 30 to improve signs of ageing. This is a non-surgical option and only after assessment by one of our qualified doctors will it be determined if you are a suitable candidate for treads.

treatable areas

 Treatable Areas



You should avoid treating with Silhouette Soft® if you are sensitive or allergic to:

  • Biomaterials
  • Any of the ingredients (Polylactic Acid, Polydioxanone, L-Lactidecaprolactone, Polyclycolic Acid)


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